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If you would like to enable your Short URL App to generate custom Short URLs unique to your organization an App Key is required. This is also required to use the Short URL Power Automate Connector and Microsoft Teams Short URLs. All 3 Apps use the same App Key. The process for registering your Username/Subdomain is simple and fast (Play video instructions on the left of the page);

Step 1: Click here to register for your Free Trial.
Step 2: Complete the Account creation process and Sign into the Members Area to register your App Key.
Step 3: Once signed in to the Members select click on the Available Downloads / App Key.
Step 4: Input the required Username/Subdomain and click REGISTER.
Step 5: For SharePoint; Copy the Username and Key to the ShortUrlAppKey List, select your Domain and click Save.
Step 6:For Microsoft Team; Add your Tenant ID and add the Admin users email address who will manage the Short URLs.

FREE Trial version allows you to create up to 3 ShortUrl's. Upgrade from your Members Area to create unlimited Short URLs.

Click here for the SharePoint Short URL App Manual.
Click here for the MS Teams Short URL App Manual.
Click here for the Short URL Power Automate Manual.

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